Master Project
Our Master of Music students have the unique opportunity to create a Master Project with their own future in mind. A Master Project is an overarching term which combines the three domains of our master curriculum: artistic development, research and professional integration. As part of the curriculum, students receive individual and group lessons in their main subject to support their artistic development, conduct research on a topic of their our own choice, and design and initiate their own professional integration activities. These elements and activities all come together in the Master Project. Students take part in a peer group, a master circle, in which all matters related to the Master Project can be discussed. Students can do an individual Master Project or collaborate with their peers.

Master Project Network
During their studies, students receive guidance and support from their Master Project Network. This network consists of the main subject teacher, research supervisor, professional integration coach and master circle leader.

After graduation
Designing a Master Project gives our students an opportunity to consider their future career and experiment with developing their own professional practice during their studies. Once graduated, students can immediately apply the skills and ideas they have acquired, and continue with any projects or collaborations they have initiated.