Students should provide for their own maintenance and accommodation. Students are advised to start looking from as early as June or July, if possible.

If students are looking for a room in The Hague, they are advised to register with DUWO student housing agency.


Stamkartplein 98
+31 70 305 1400

When looking for a room or an apartment, it is also possible to apply to any other accommodation agency.

Another useful way to look for accommodation is advertising. In the Royal Conservatoire, advertising boards are available for that purpose. Students who are already accepted as a student at the Royal Conservatoire can send in an accommodation advertisement to the conservatoire before their arrival at The Hague, to be put on one of the advertisement boards.

Royal Conservatoire students might also wish to join the Facebook group ‘KonCon Housing’.

Some useful websites for students who look for accommodation:

Please note: in order to avoid unnecessary disappointments, students are advised to take care in choosing their accommodation and to check the technical state of the accommodation, plus the tenancy contract, before making a final decision.
Students should also check that it will be possible for them to register their new address with the municipality, as this is required for all citizens who intend to stay longer than four months in the Netherlands.
Short supply of accommodation should never lead to hasty decisions!

For more information on student accommodation, please visit the Study in Holland website.

Special arrangement: Verified Partner Badge, Priority Booking Service & Personal assistance in student accommodation search

KC students and KC Erasmus exchange students (both incoming and outgoing) can make use of this special arrangement by signing up via Housing Anywhere

The Student Hotel is a trendy, affordable, all-inclusive accommodation with 320 rooms in the historic district of The Hague, located nearby railway station Hollands Spoor and the Hague University. Students can stay for one or two semesters, but there are also rooms available for those who stay in The Hague for less than one semester.

For more information: The Student Hotel The Hague

Hoefkade 9
+31 70 762 1000

Students who find they have nowhere to stay upon their arrival in the Netherlands may be able to book into Stayokay Den Haag, a Hostelling International youth hostel in The Hague. Stayokay Den Haag offers 50 rooms, with space for 220 guests in total.

Students registered at the Royal Conservatoire can stay at Stayokay Den Haag with 10% discount, including welcome drink, breakfast, clean sheets, free Wi-Fi and storage for musical instruments. In order to claim their discount, students should book online and mention the following code: koncon2019.

· Only valid for online bookings
· Only valid at Stayokay Den Haag and based on availability
· Not valid on already made bookings or other promotions
· Valid from 1 January to 31 December 2019
· Only valid for shared rooms and two-bedded private rooms
· Maximum stay: two weeks (if necessary, a longer stay can be discussed)
· At check-in, students can be asked to present some proof of their registration at the Royal Conservatoire (for example: acceptance letter, student card, etc.)

For more information and bookings:

Stayokay Den Haag
Scheepmakersstraat 27
+31 70 315 7888

Students who rent their own apartment might be entitled to apply for a rent allowance (huurtoeslag). This is a monthly payment from the Dutch government to help people with the cost of their relative high rent. Whether they are entitled to receive the rent allowance mainly depends on the amount of rent and on their income. Generally speaking, students only have a modest income and, just like low-income groups, they could therefore be entitled to a rent allowance. Please note: students who rent a room won’t be eligible for rent allowance! International students may also apply for a rent allowance.

Applications for a rent allowance must be made through the Dutch tax and customs administration (belastingdienst).

International students renting their own apartment (so not a room with shared facilities and inclusive rent) should expect two tax bills, to be sent to the main resident on a yearly basis: one for municipal tax (gemeentelijke belasting) and another one for water board tax (waterschapsbelasting).

Waste tax (afvalstoffenheffing) is a type of municipal tax which covers the collection and processing of domestic waste by the municipality. As students usually have a relative low income and no property or valuables, they can apply for remission (kwijtschelding) of municipal taxes upon receipt of their tax bill. More information in the website of the City Hague:

Water system levy for residents (watersysteemheffing ingezetenen) and pollution tax on residential accommodation (zuiveringsheffing woonruimten) are types of water board tax, covering the costs of the water board (waterschap, or hoogheemraadschap) to keep the ground dry and the water clean. Water board taxes are levied by the Regional Tax Group (Regionale Belasting Groep). International students can also apply for remission (kwijtschelding) of the water board tax upon receipt of their tax bill. You can find the online exemption request here (Dutch only). In the Royal Conservatoire, samples of standard exemption forms provided with English translations are available from the Education Service Centre (ESC).