In order to successfully complete their studies in the Royal Conservatoire, students are required to be available for full-time study throughout the entire period of their studies.

To find a part-time job in the Netherlands, it is possible to contact an employment agency (uitzendbureau). Some of these employment agencies focus on students.

List of employment agencies in The Hague

EU/EEA nationals are allowed to work without restrictions while they are studying in the Netherlands.

For non-EU/EEA nationals, if the student's residence permit allows them to study in the Netherlands, they may work for brief periods, in order to acquire additional financial means. This means that they may not work more than 16 hours per week, or that they may do only full-time seasonal work (in June, July and August); a combination of both options is not allowed! The student's employer will need to get an employment permit for a non-EU subject (Tewerkstellingsvergunning/TWV) for them.

Non-EU/EEA students with a valid residence permit (VVR) for study purposes may work alongside their studies as a self-employed person and in that case, the restrictions as mentioned above do not apply.

If students are going to work in the Netherlands, they will need a personal registration number for government registration purposes: the Citizen Service Number (burgerservicenummer/BSN). The BSN is issued by the Municipal Registry Office of the city where students are registered. For more details, go to 'Upon Arrival in the Netherlands', 'BSN & DigiD'.

Please note that from the moment international students in the Netherlands start working alongside their studies (even for just one hour a week), they will have to take out a basic healthcare insurance policy! For more details, please read ‘Healthcare and Insurance’.

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