Podcast International - Ep.1 A singer from Portugal

22 maart 2022

Episode 1 - A singer from Portugal

Welcome to Podcast International, The Royal Conservatoire’s podcast about the experiences of Erasmus students. Here you’ll hear about the experiences both of those who went abroad to study or do a traineeship, and of those who chose The Royal Conservatoire The Hague as their Erasmus destination. They share about not only their academic experience, but they also tell us about their challenges and adventures of moving and living in a different country with a different culture.

The first guest of Podcast International is Beatriz, a Portuguese 3rd year classical voice bachelor student who spent the 1st semester at the Royal Conservatoire as an Erasmus student during a very special year, the year when the Royal Conservatoire The Hague moved to Amare.

Wait no longer, click to listen, be inspired and get ready to be the next Erasmus student!

Erasmus exchange

If you are a student at The Royal Conservatoire, you can click here to find more information about Erasmus and you can make an appointment with the International Relations Coordinator (details on the linked page) to ask all your questions.
However, if you want to become our next Erasmus student, you can click here instead for more information about all the requirements and application procedure. And everyone can email us at erasmus@koncon.nl, also to participate as a guest of the podcast.

How this podcast came about…

This podcast is a cross-departmental project, which is made possible with the invaluable contribution of Angelina Damyanova, the Podcast International’s volunteer Sound Engineer and student of Art Of Sound; with the vital contribution of all those who sign up to share their stories, and initiator Elsa Ferreira, International Relations Coordinator of the Royal Conservatoire.

And of course, if you too would like to share with us, you are welcome to join us in the studio. Send us a message via erasmus@koncon.nl. Thank you for listening.