Before you join the Royal Conservatoire The Hague as a mobility student, your home institution should first make sure to nominate you online. After you have been nominated, you need to submit your application via Osiris before 1 March. Upon acceptance, and before you move to The Hague, do not forget you need to still enrol and pay your study fee at your home institution!

The Royal Conservatoire only considers applications submitted via our system Osiris and including all the documents listed here below. Email applications are not accepted.

For the online Osiris application, you will be required to upload the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Study Plan (Learning Agreement - EASY digital form)
  • Diplomas (if relevant)
  • Transcript of Records from home institution
  • Master Project Plan/Master Study Plan (Master students only).
  • Media file(s): active web link(s) to an online platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) where the media file(s) can be played. Composition candidates should upload scores of at least three (preferably four) of their own compositions, together with audio recordings of the works. For more detailed media requirements, check the application requirements here.

When applying for an Erasmus+ mobility at the Royal Conservatoire during the academic year 2024- 2025, please consider that:

  • The Royal Conservatoire encourages students to apply for a mobility preferably during Semester 1 or for a full academic year.
  • The Royal Conservatoire has 2 semesters per academic year: Semester 1 runs from September to 31st January, Semester 2 runs from 1 February to July. Check if the semesters dates of your home university and those of the Royal Conservatoire are compatible. If in doubt, check with your home university.
  • If you wish to come for only Semester 2, we cannot guarantee that we can offer all courses needed in order for you to receive 30 ECTS. Many courses have a duration of a full academic year.
  • To complete your Osiris application online, make sure you use the correct curriculum as published on our website. Choose courses from the relevant year and enter the course codes and ECTS in your Study Plan. This is subject to change, as our curriculum for the coming academic year may differ slightly.
  • - If accepted for the Bachelor, you will be invited to select electives at the start of the academic year.
    - If accepted in Master Year 2, you can follow the Master Year 2 courses for Artistic Development, and the Master Electives; Research and Professional Integration courses can be followed alongside the Master Year 1 students. Please note that Master specialisations are not available to Master students.
  • Your application will be sent to the admissions committee for selection at the beginning of March 2024.
  • Make sure to submit your application before 1 March 2024.
  • In general, Erasmus candidates are NOT required to do a live audition. A recording is sufficient.
  • The result of your application will be communicated to you before 1 May 2024.
  • We ask for a confirmation of acceptance from you before 1 June 2024.
  • If you are placed on the waiting list, the final result of your application will be communicated to you before 8 June 2024.

If applicable, upon your acceptance, you will receive a separate email providing details about entry visa and/or residence permit procedures and corresponding requirements.

For more information on the Erasmus+ programme and its many possibilities, you can visit the Study in NL website or contact your home university's international office.

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More Information
If you have already been accepted by the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, you can find all information relevant for you related to your study period, grades, transcripts, etc., on the KC Portal.